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Project: HEL. PE.
Location: Marousi
Timeframe: 2007 – 2008
Employer: Ektasis Development S.A.

A modern 5-floor office building with two underground garages.

<16 DAIKIN VRV systems are used for the air conditioning of office spaces in the building, with a total cooling capacity of 1657KW and total thermal capacity of 1899KW. Pre-conditioned fresh air is dispersed in the building by 10 AHU and unit loads are covered by an air-cooled TRANE heat pump of 326KW cooling capacity and 280KW thermal capacity. The central atrium is air conditioned by a standalone packaged unit with a 58KW cooling capacity and 42KW thermal capacity. The computer room uses standalone Down Flow cooling units with a cooling capacity of 27KW by LIEBERT. Finally, the restaurant in the building is air conditioned by a standalone DAIKIN heat pump of 20KW cooling capacity and 23KW thermal capacity. The building is supplied electrical power by an installed electrical substation with a 1250KVA transformer and low and medium voltage. Each floor has independent switchboards. Throughout the building there is a telephone network – data end up in the building control room. There is also a network of fire detectors, an alarm system, a CCTV network, and a building management system (BMS). [hr]

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