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Project: UNIFY S.A.
Location: Neo Iraklio Attiki
Timeframe: 2013-2014
Employer: Linaroudis & Co E.E.

This is a modern office building consisting of one basement garage and 4 floors of a 6.000m2 total area.

The air-conditioning of the building is performed by 8 airs to water heat pumps. The heat pumps are installed in 4 pairs, one for each orientation of the building. There are 16 air handling units for the input of fresh air to the building. Each air handling unit provides fresh air to one orientation of one floor.
For the special areas of the building (computer room) Downflow units have been installed in order to keep the temperature and humidity levels steady.
The electrical supply of the building is performed by one electric substation transformer with a capacity of 1000KVA and 3 power generators with capacities of 250KVA, 560KVA and 250KVA. The 250KVA generator supplies electricity to the uninterruptible loads of the building. The rest two generators 560KVA and 250KVA supply electricity to the special loads of the company (computer room, special areas).

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