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Commercial air conditioning

Commercial air conditioning solutions by Daikin create an ideal atmosphere in restaurants, stores, offices, hotels, sports and recreation centres, all year long. No matter how hot or cold outside, Daikin provides inverter controlled systems, so there are no temperature fluctuations. This helps reduce energy consumption up to 30% (compared to systems without an inverter).

Even in our line of seasonal efficiency, our products offer the best energy efficiency that already meets 2014 standards. Air conditioning systems from Daikin ensure a pleasant atmosphere indoors for any business, large or small.



Rooftop type air conditioning units make for an ideal “ready to be installed and used” solution, for medium to large sized spaces that require a budget yet efficient system.
In addition to providing heating and cooling, Rooftop type air conditioners provide a “free cooling” option for saving energy between seasons. In addition, the automatically adjust to the appropriate amount of fresh air.


VRV systems by Daikin are an innovative air condition management solution that offers the utmost of ease and control, while having less of an impact on the environment, providing substantial energy savings.

  • Integrated heat recovery for lower operating costs and CO2 emissions
  • Zonal control for maximum performance
  • Individual climate control for each zone
  • Connectivity with Biddle air curtains
  • Connectivity with DHW units
  • Ability to be integrated in a building management system

Sky Air

Daikin’s Sky Air series is the top lightweight professional range in its class and has been redesigned to precede the most recent legislation for optimum seasonal efficiency.
Daikin Sky Air series is the ideal solution for any small business space. It is a complete system which allows you to take control of all functions of heating, cooling, ventilation and air curtains available in your space.

  • Suitable for any interior – newly built or renovated, modern or classic.
  • Innovative and unique line of products, complying with future legislation
  • Energy saving for less of an environmental impact
  • Total settings control for a pleasant interior environment


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