Natural gas can be used in a variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Residential use:
• Cooking

Commercial use:
• Cooking and grilling
• Steaming
• Electrical and thermal energy co-production

Different businesses can use natural gas in order to meet their organization’s daily needs.

Furthermore, hotels, hospitals, educational institutes, large office complexes, shopping centres and stores, swimming pools, and sports facilities can use natural gas in order to meet their energy needs both cost-effectively and securely.

Industrial use:
• For all thermal needs in production processes (steaming, drying)
• Air conditioning
• Electrical and thermal energy co-production

Competing fuels which natural gas substitutes

Natural gas can substitute all known and widely used fuels and forms of energy.

Industrial uses
Gasoil & Fuel Oil
Electricity, LPG & Gasoil
Fuel Oil, Diesel Fuel and LPG


The use of natural gas in all areas of consumption – residential, commercial and industrial – provides numerous benefits to the user, while contributing to a cleaner environment and upgrading the quality of life.

Cost effectiveness

Natural gas has always been the most inexpensive choice for the best long-term energy investment in residential and commercial use, offering competitive rates compared to conventional forms of energy (oil, electricity, LPG, etc.)

Ease of use

Natural gas is available whenever you need it through the installed network. You do not have to order it or wait to receive it. The use of natural gas appliances is simple and offers convenience and comfort in your everyday life (e.g. instant hot water).

Cleanliness and space saving

With natural gas, no tank installation is required, as it is available through a distribution network, relieved of unpleasant gas odours and residuals.

Accuracy in measurement and charge after consumption

Consumption measurements are taken by meter readings, as is the case with DEI and EYDAP and you only pay for the amount you have consumed, after its consumption.

Reduced maintenance cost of appliances

The use of natural gas provides reduced maintenance costs and longer life for appliances.

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