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Project: EUZYMON S.A.
Location: Oinofyta
Timeframe: 2003 – 2004
Employer: EUZYMON S.A.

A state of the art 2,000m2 factory for the development of BAKERY-CONFECTIONERY products. The factory is HACCP and ISO certified.

A 4-pipe system is used for the air conditioning of various plant areas, with the help of a TRANE Screw 100RT efficiency central cooler and a HOVAL central boiler. Each specialized production area has a standalone AHU with special filters for heating-cooling-humidification-dehumidification as well as air to air handling with a 0-100% discharge. Given the especially high production standards in two parts of the plant, there is germ control with UV rays in those areas.
To cover operational needs, there is a central LPG network with two gas tanks, supplying all production and heating the space. It is also equipped with a special explosion-proof fan for the event of a gas leak.
To cover power needs, an electrical substation with a 800KVA transformer is operational, serving all switchboards on site with the use of low voltage panels.
There is a fire-extinguisher network with a water tank, a fire-fighting assembly and fire-fighting equipment.
A phone and data network runs the entire complex, which is also equipped with fire-detectors, a security system and a gas leak detection system, etc..

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