The company, having gained valuable experience in the field of renewable energy sources, offers both residential and commercial systems, all the support needed for the licensing and development of photovoltaic projects, reliably, based on its knowledge of the PV Systems industry.
The company employs Mechanical – Electrical engineers who design photovoltaic projects from the initial drafting phase through to the final construction design and dimensioning.

Using the International PVSYST software and collecting Meteorological Data for each Area a PV park is constructed in with the help of the PVGIS software, we are able to get the annual yield of energy production. These energy studies constitute the main tool for ensuring our investors are granted the required funding for their investment plans.

The company’s Photovoltaic Parks facilities are certified by University of Patras Applied Mechanics Lab, the UoP Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, which is an Accredited Inspection Agency (EN ISO/IEC 17020) and the Accredited Testing Lab (EN ISO/IEC 17025) by the National System and TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS.

The company also provides
• Good service warranty for the entire project
• Support and maintenance with annual contracts
• Daily tele-monitoring
• Periodic operation and efficiency reports
Based on all of the above, TEMEK S.A. fully caters for all needs of photovoltaic parks support, so that each client can be certain for the optimal operation of his or hers PV System

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Basic legislation for solar roofs
Joint Ministerial Decision regarding the Special Program for the Development of Photovoltaic Systems in buildings, Greek Government Gazette B’ 1079/04.06.2009

Joint Ministerial Decision Supplement of the Special program, Greek Government Gazette B’ 1557/22.9.2010

Amendment of the Joint Ministerial Decision, Greek Government Gazette Β’ 2317/10.08.2012

Approval of Special Terms regarding the installation of PV systems and solar systems on buildings and plots outside the city plan and in settlements, Greek Government gazette Issue for Compulsory Expropriations and Urban Planning matters (AAΠ) 376/6.9.2010

Amendments of Special Terms for the installation of PV systems and solar systems in fields, plots and buildings, Greek Government Gazette Β΄583/14.04.2011

Fiscal treatment of PV systems up to 10kW, 6.08.2009

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Whether polycrystalline or monocrystalline frame, small frame or large: aleo solar provides the appropriate panel for any type of housing and land.

As there is no difference between monocrystalline and polycrystalline aleo solar panels performance nowadays, the choice between the two types is usually a matter of taste: Some customers prefer the black monocrystalline photovoltaic cells, as they suit darker coloured rooftop tiles best.

With S_79, we also offer an all-black solar panel, thus creating an aesthetically pleasing PV system. Other customers prefer the modern, shiny blue appearance of polycrystalline cells.

Regardless of which panel one chooses, he or she can be certain that it is exceptional where it matters: in terms of quality, processing and reliable, high energy efficiency.


The leading manufacturer of pioneer light steel constructions, producing the most modern mounting systems and innovative aluminium and stainless steel products.
With the passing of the years, Schletter has become highly efficient suppliers of PV and telekinetic technology products, trade fair and advertising equipment, environmental technology and specialized solutions customized to our partners’ needs. Thanks to the large variety and significant flexibility of the products, we offer every possible solution, regardless of your industry.
We provide our large range of services through the help of our always eager, skilled staff and our high level of production quality.

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